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Winery Work - It Never Ends!  Scroll down for some fun photos.

Red Sky Winery produces small lot, unique and hand crafted Washington State wines.  The Red Sky team consists of many friends, family and volunteers who all contribute to producing our beautiful wines.  See some of our photos from scrap book below. 


 Jill punching down during 07' harvest. > 


 < Will Parsons punching down our 06' Cab Franc. 













Carol, loading 06' Semillon into barrels during crush.>


Lisa, with Dick in the background, always working hard at Red Sky! >







  <  Todd, volunteering - it's a rough job! 








Bottling in the RAIN!  What could be more fun!?!


Many thanks to our volunteers that helped bottle our 06' Semillon and 06' Merlot Rosť










Jim, taking just a small taste! 

The bottling CREW, February 07'. 


Check back for more photos coming soon!  You can also check out our event and harvest photo albums too!


The Red Sky Team

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